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Week on Water For Development (WW4D) Conference Commences Today

The Week on Water for Development (WW4D) is a virtual five-day conference from 24 to 28 August 2020, organised by the German development cooperation (GIZ), that connects relevant stakeholders around key topics on water from COVID-19 to climate change. WW4D is also part of SIWI’s WWWeek @ home 2020. During those days, GIZ collaborates with more than 60 partners to present and discuss recent findings, publications as well as best practices from the field.

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#GovernmentPayYourWaterBills – CWSA says it remains committed to paying water suppliers after update and validation of data

Engineer Worlanyo Kwadjo Siabi cleared the air that the CWSA remains committed to paying all outstanding debts owed these water suppliers but the difficulty is the inconsistencies in the gathering of their records particularly the number of cubic metres of water supplied among other valid data that are missing in staking their claims on the monies.

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Private Water Suppliers Kick Against Govt free water Directive – Wrong Approach. Rather We Say #GovernmentPayYourWaterBills

The Association of Small Towns Water Supply Systems-Ghana is reported by The Herald to have said it would not heed the Government of Ghana’s directive to supply free water to the general public, as part of efforts to ease the suffering of citizens, amidst the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Though the frustration of the Association is justifiable the approach adopted by them to remedy the situation will rather hurt the already suffering people and communities. The preferred approach will be to join forces with fellow citizens to demand of Government to pay its water bills. The paper reported that;

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Second phase of free water supply takes effect from July – GWCL

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GCWL) says the implementation of the second phase of government’s free water
supply, stipulated in the mid-year budget, will begin this July and
end in September.

“Management wishes to inform the general public that the implementation of the President’s directive is in progress,” a press statement released by GWCL stated.

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