Water Citizens Network (WCN)

The Water Citizens Network is a Non Governmental Activist Organisation contributing to water sector development policies aimed at achieving universal access to water and fulfillment of the human rights of all persons living in Ghana and West Africa. The Network addresses the need for an active and inclusive human right to water campaign in Ghana and the sub-region. We work and engage around the following core principles.
  • Access to water is a fundamental human right essential for the sustenance of life.
  • Water is a natural and public resource which is part of our common heritage, to be used judiciously and preserved for the common good of our society and the natural environment today and for future generations.
  • The ownership, control and management of water should be under democratic institutions of society to ensure access and good health for all people.
  • Water management policies and their implementation should be designed to ensure equity for all people particularly for vulnerable groups.

Our Vision

A society where people have unfettered access to safe water in their dwellings and where water is recognised as a fundamental human right which production, delivery, management and ownership is collectively shared within democratic structures of society.

Our Mission

To mobilise voices of water users and operators to influence water sector policies for universal access to water and fulfillment of the human rights of people.