Good News: Govt spends over GH¢233.9m on nationwide free water supply. How much of this amount has been paid to GWCL and CWSA? We also wish all public agencies will pay debts owed GWCL

It is very refreshing to see Government spending tax monies on the social needs of Ghanaians, after all that is why people pay taxes to ensure they have access to security and commonly used products such as healthcare, education and water supply.

It is clear from this Ghanaweb story that, the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources wants some sort of applause for this expenditure and one might be tempted to say “good work”. However, to avoid the risk of getting the Government from thinking, this is such an extra ordinary expenditure, we hold back the applause and wont say ayekoo but will say to Government, “more of such”.

Interestingly, expenditures such as this is the normal situation that should have been the case and how things should work as effort is made to widen access to safe water for all. The previous situation of cash and carry for domestic water was the abnormal. Lets get use to the new normal. Free water at the point of need should continue.

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