Government Should Pay Its Water Bills to Ensure Reliable Water Supply and Solvency of GWCL – Coordinator of Tax Justice Coalition Ghana

The Coordinator of the Tax Justice Coalition Ghana, Bernard Anaba has also called on the Government to pay its water bills. He said the debts will lead to poor services to people and communities if the Government does not pay what it owes to Ghana Water Company Limited. The debt situation, he said, also affects quality of water because the company needs to buy the required and proper consumables for production. According to him, It is likely that even though the Government is contributing to this problem through the indebtedness of public institutions, it might later on seek to wash its hands of the problem and blame the company for the decline in services and further push the agenda of privatisation like it has done in the past. 

He pointed out that, because water is an essential commodity, any attempt to privatise the resource will have a serious toll on people because of the profit interest of the private sector. He said if the situation is not rectified the workers and the company will become demoralised.

He said, currently the workers and management are not happy about the situation, but can not speak out publicly due to fear of victimisation. So, according to him, It is important for the public and the government to rally behind the management and workers of the company for reliable services. He said, we do not have to allow this problem to fester until it becomes too difficult to solve. He called on the government to be transparent with Ghanaians about what the problem is, and to involve all stakeholders on the way forward. 

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